After completing the 10 questions below, the APMiQ Life Index will generate a sample report.*

This will include an overall score and recommendation, along with a recommendation for each question answered.

There are three potential recommendations per question depending on how you scored, corresponding to a scale of either red, amber or green.

1. Do you feel you have a purpose to each day? i.e. do you have goals or activities to complete?:
(Do you have goals or activities to complete?)

2. Do you trust your employer / an employer to help you return to work/treat you fairly?:

3. Do you have confidence you will be able to return to work?:

4. Do you believe the Compensation system supports you?:

5. How often do you participate in physical activity?:

6. How often do you worry about your relationship with immediate family members? Or, how often do you worry about your role in the family?:

7. How often do you feel isolated or low in mood?:

8. How often do you worry about money and your financial security?:

9. In the last month, how often have you participated in social activities with friends, sporting clubs or interest groups?:

10. In the last month, have you increased your smoking/alcohol/drug use? If yes, how often was the increase?:
* The sample report provides examples of the potential recommendations your APM consultant may make subsequent to the APMiQ Life Index tool results.
  Actual recommendations will be tailored and developed on a client's individual needs.