Ashley and APM Employment Services transcript

Ashley: My name's Ash. I came to the APM program because I didn't want to lay around. I wanted to get out and do something with my life. The program actually helped quite a bit with me trying to get out of my shell. I didn't want to leave the house, but I also wanted to do something. So the hard part was trying to get there. At the same time.

Austin: When I first met Ashley, he was a very shy, reserved kid. His consultant asked if I could actually speak to him to figure out how we can kind of get him to move forward in some type of way. And I asked him if he wanted to be a part of Kolbang Kaadadjiny, which is an indigenous program, I facilitated and put together. And from there I met with him. He told me some of his issues and some of his challenges and he potentially engaged in the program and hasn't looked back.

Ash basically needed basically someone to walk alongside him and get him out of his shell. When he came late, I believe the first couple of days, so clear to me he needed that figure basically telling him that it's not okay to come late, and we had that conversation. He was on time for the remainder of the program.

Ashley: When I completed the program, I get a call from Austin and he says there's a available security course that I could go and do. He told me where to go, stuff like that. I was like, "Yeah, okay, done deal. I'm going to head there." After I done the security course, then I get another phone call from Scott, which is my boss now, "When you get your security tags, just come here." I was like, "Yeah, I'll do it, straight here."

Robert: Ashley started with us in 2020, came to us as a very shy, lacking in confidence individual, but had one strong message to us and his desire was to work. His commitment was to learn and he showed us in the early days that he meant that and he's been with us ever since.

Ashley: I enjoy it a lot because it's my first job. I felt like it's quite a bit of achievement for me.

Robert: So how's Ashley settled into his role? I wouldn't call it settled. I believe he's excelled. He's grown into a vital team member. He's developed his skills, which he didn't think he could. His confidence has shined throughout. He now works in quite a critical role where he works with a complex computer system, monitors access control and CCTV to quite a large facility, and his role is quite vital to this business.

Austin: I could see untapped potential and a really shy, reserved kid that just needed his confidence levels to come up. So I was every day having a bit of banter with him just to get him to smile and all that. And throughout getting to know him, he's really just formed and feels comfortable enough to just have a chat about anything. So it doesn't even have to be employment. It can be about what's going on at home and how things and stuff like that. So I feel like we've built a great relationship and rapport over the time since I first met him. And then seeing him comfortable in his employment is another eye-opener for me.

Ashley: Feels quite nice having a job. It's quite nice actually. The achievements that I felt through it. The advice I would give, get out there and do it. Make sure you're there on time because you will get a phone call.