Asma and WCG Transcript

Asma: Everyday when I was coming back from my grocery store job I was thinking I need something more from my life.

I needed something better, better opportunities.

Alyssa: From the very beginning of working with her there was a lot of emotions that she was feeling of being new to Canada and trying to figure out the ropes of how she should go about looking for a job and go about building her career

Asma: Initially when I came I had to find out the job, it was a survival jobs and it was a sandwich making job.

In the evenings I constantly applied for jobs, I did never stop.

Alyssa: I was able to support her developing her job searching skills, so we worked on things like a resume, cover letter writing, interviewing practice.

The job search is a roller coaster, there are always ups and downs to, you know, looking for work that is definitely something Asma experienced.

Asma: Alyssa kept me motivated, she said keep on applying there will be a day you get a job don’t be sad, don’t be demotivated.

Alyssa: The process of helping Asma apply and get through the application process with the Ontario Public Service careers was, first, helping her with her resume and cover letter based on the standards of what it should look like.

Asma: I was very well prepared for the interview, all the things were up to date, my documentation, my interview stuff, everything went very well, even after that I was not sure I would get this job. But it was really surprising when I received a call from their hiring department.

I was so emotional, I started crying because it’s something like an honour to me. So I informed Alyssa and she was super excited to hear this news.

Alyssa: When she got the offer, she had to do security checks, so you know that’s when she really needed my help to be able to do that online and filling out the application and the documents completing the payment.

I was able to provide financial support to Asma through the Employment Ontario program.

Asma: They provided me the money to buy the clothing because I had to move to Ottawa and I had to buy the clothes that was supposed to be wearing for my official purpose.

Working with Alyssa really made a big difference in my life. She encouraged me to really make my dreams come true.

For me, WCG has played that very vital role, it boosted my confidence and showcase my abilities and connecting me to the most suitable employer and I’m sure would have never got this job if I were never connected to WCG.

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