Bob and Ingeus Singapore transcript

Bob Low: I'm Bob Low and I'm 58 this year. I'm born and bred in Singapore. I have worked in the hotel industries for seven years, and it really gave me a great exposure to people from all nations. And it also built up my confidence in communicating with people.

I was looking for a job, and for 15 months with no success, I was being a bit naïve and ignorant at the very beginning. But my coach, Dorothy, she did a great job to put me on the right track so as to be able to nail an interview.

Ingeus did a great job by matching me with the right employer and I got a job in record time. And initially, when I was contacted by my employer, I had reservations because I've never done sales roles before. But then, they saw the potential in me and they believed that I could do the job.

Wong Sok Mei: Bob is a great hire. He comes with the right mindset, the right attitude, despite coming from a different background with slightly different skill sets.

He's very keen to learn new things. He pick up Salesforce very quickly. He's very humble. He's happy to ask help from colleagues who are more junior from him. He's very open to the culture, learning about cybersecurity. So we are very happy to have Bob.

Jeremy Wong: Understanding people, and of course how business operates, is essential to getting the right talent in. Part of the process, of course, is that we actually work with the hiring manager themselves, or the HR, to actually help screen and shortlist candidates that will be best suited to their needs.

Wong Sok Mei: This is our first partnership with Ingeus and we are very happy with it. Singapore is the place whereby we want to hire top talent. And Ingeus, being a great partner of WSG, hence by default, becomes a value partner of UL in recruiting.

Bob Low: My experience with the career coaching with Ingeus was nothing short of fantastic. I would definitely recommend Ingeus to anybody who is looking for a job because my experience with Ingeus is absolutely positive. And I won't be able to land in the job role that I have right now without the help of Ingeus.