Brithany thrives in the DWS apprenticeship program transcript

Brithany Roman: I heard the opportunity for kids who really wanted to go into the program, so I looked into it online. I went in. I was very thrilled. I knew this was a long time thing. I'm super lucky.

Dr. Terry: Shortly after I opened the clinic here, Brithany's teacher reached out to me to see if I would be interested in working with the Mentorship Program. Brithany walked in, very pleasant, on time, professional. It was instant that I thought she'd be a good fit for the practice here.

Brithany Roman: I know there's a lot of kids out there like me who have anxiety, but there's something in me that just said I had to just go for it. I love it here so much.

Dr. Terry: It's amazing how these students are motivated, want to help out and learn. It's been a really positive experience. It was essential to my career being able to have a mentor.

Brithany Roman: I think, when you have people that encourage you, it's really comfortable, the workspace. It's really fast going too. You get the hang of it. It's been wonderful. I've learned so much from them. I think we're like family here.

Dr. Terry: I want to help them develop their interest, because if they're doing something they like, job fulfilment is much higher. You enjoy getting to work. You actually show up early and stay late because you're having fun.

Brithany Roman: You never know what's coming your way. You just got to go for it. Just thrive, be better in life. Just go, yeah.