Career Transition Assistance (CTA) helps older job seekers build their skills and confidence to become more competitive in their local labour market.

If you are a mature age job seeker, we understand the thought of finding a new job can be a daunting prospect.

You may be worried that the market has changed significantly since you first found a job, or that your skills and qualifications are no longer up to date.

That’s where we can help. CTA can provide you with practical assistance to help you gain current skills to find and keep a job.

What is Career Transition Assistance?

CTA can provide you with increased and enhanced knowledge and skills to help you gain a competitive advantage in the job market.

It consists of course content that is designed to help you to recognise your skills and experience and how these apply to jobs in your area.

The course runs for an 8-week period for approximately 10 hours per week.

How Career Transition Assistance can help you

CTA provides you with practical support to increase your confidence and motivation. It provides a better understanding of available job opportunities in the local area; and supports you to tailor your job applications, based on your skills and experience.

You will also receive practical assistance to use different types of technology, such as smartphones, tablets, apps, social media and desktop computers.

Where is Career Transition Assistance available?

APM Employment Services deliver CTA in the following areas:

  • Sydney North and West (including Central Coast)
  • Hunter
  • Gippsland
  • Illawarra and South Coast

What you can expect?

We will meet with you before you start the course so we can get to know you and understand your needs.

We will also complete an assessment with you to make sure we tailor the course to best support you.
You will be provided with details about the days and times you need to attend the program.

Our goal is to provide you with all the help you need to find and keep a job.

Course content will comprise the following core components:

  • Career Pathway Assessment – to identify your experience, expectations, employment goals or other individual needs.
  • Improve and tailor your résumé – including advice on what to include and how to sell yourself for a range of different roles.
  • Goals and motivation – to help you build confidence in applying for jobs.
  • Understanding the local job market – exploring local job opportunities and skills in demand.
  • Explore and translate your transferable skills – helping you identify your skills and experience and how these relate to the local job market.
  • Navigate the job application process – helping you understand different job application processes and managing expectations of responses and feedback.
  • Interview skills – preparing you for job interviews across a range of different employers and industries.
  • Experience different Industries – providing you with an opportunity to meet with employers and getting a ‘feel’ for different industries.
  • Digital Literacy – helping you build your confidence in the every-day use of the most common digital equipment.
  • Prepare a Career Pathway Plan – a clear plan of action outlining the steps you will need to take to pursue employment or training.

Service guarantee

Read the Career Transition Assistance Service Guarantee which outlines the Australian Government’s expectations of all CTA providers.



Career Transition Assistance is open to all job seekers aged 45 years and over who are registered with a jobactive provider.

How to start

CTA is a voluntary program that provides specialised support to mature age job seekers, to help them find and keep a job.

For more information, please call 1300 276 282.

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