Daphne and Mobility transcript

Daphne: Well, I was born in Paddington, London and we moved out here when I was three years old. Lived in Melbourne ever since. I met my husband in Melbourne and we lived down there for 15 years, then he passed away. That was when Faye decided to bring me up here because I've got no relatives down there at all.

Faye: My name's Faye and my relationship to Daphne is her daughter. It's been a big change for mum because she's had to come and live from interstate, so for starters, it's been that change for her. But she settled in really well and through Mobility's help and the provision of things that she needs, such as a wheelie and things for the bathroom, it's been a very big help for Mum. I found Mobility online. I had about four or five different places I was sussing out and price-wise and just by what they had written, yeah, I was impressed by them. So I contacted them along with a couple of others and they ended up being my choice.

Eleni, the lady who we have been in contact with right from the beginning, has been a star. She's just so helpful. Anything we want we just have to call her. She calls us regularly to find out if there's anything that she can update and through her we have got two cleaners. They come on separate weeks and yes, I wouldn't replace either of them. I'd fight somebody to keep them.

Daphne: It's been a big change to be up here. Yeah, it takes a while to settle in and she's been absolutely wonderful. I don't like saying this in front of her, but I really don't know what I'd do without her. Assistance with mainly walking and things like that, and a wheelie to get around with. You think you are good until you get out on your feet and you're not quite so crash hot.

Faye: I don't think I could find the words to really describe how I feel about them. Nothing is an effort. You can ring them at any time, they ring me occasionally. All I can say is if anyone's looking for a very, very good provider, Mobility is definitely the place to go.