Dayle and the Ingeus CRS program transcript

Parmjit Rai: I'm Parm Rai. I'm a personal wellbeing advisor. I work for Ingeus in the Derby office and we cover the East Midlands. We work under the CRS, the Commission Rehabilitative Services. We work closely with the probation service who refer into us through what's known as the CRS system. The main people that benefit from this service is the people that were on probation, ex-offenders, people coming out of prison, people who are suffering with their mental health issues and need some support and guidance and help to build and develop coping strategies.

Dayle: I think I believe I was one of the first referrals that Ingeus got in the Derbyshire area. I've worked for Ingeus since November. Before that, I used to be in retail management. Then I got myself in trouble. Never been in trouble before. I spent 11 weeks in custody. I was referred to the ETE services. They started giving me some hope, some belief. I thought, "Actually, there is a way I can get back to feeling like a valued member of society" and things like that.

Parmjit Rai: So Dayle came through to Ingeus through the Peer Mentoring Academy. He worked on a volunteer basis at first, and then shortly after, a job opportunity came up. He applied for it and he got the job as a personal wellbeing mentor. If there's any intervention that needs support in the community itself, then we'll assign that client to Dayle and he can actually attend appointments with people.

Dayle: Yeah. It feels quite good that I get the opportunity to help people. I've been through something similar, like when you first get to prison, the initial being frightened when you first come out and you've got no one beside yourself. I promote it, I'm an advocate for it, and I try and steer them in the right direction.

Parmjit Rai: They can actually build rapport with him quicker. It's almost like it's giving people hope that there is a positive future to someone that's had a negative background. So it works in that sense as well.

Dayle: Yeah, without Suzanne and all the rest of the people at Ingeus, I won't be sat in front of you now.