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We're here to help you look after your people
and achieve your business needs.

About Acumen Health

Acumen Health we understand the biggest asset a company has is its employees.

Our team of allied health professionals and occupational consulting experts are here for you when a member of your team experiences an injury, illness, or disability.

If you’re an employer, we provide rehabilitation and return to work services to help your employees return to productivity after a compensable or non-compensable injury.

For insurers we have a deep understanding of the workers’ compensation, military, life insurance and CTP insurance environments.

We use this knowledge and understanding to help you achieve your objectives while ensuring our solutions are both specific to the individual and measurable, so we can deliver the best outcomes for all parties.

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Creating an inclusive workplace is easier than you think.

With the support of Employable Me, you’ll get the knowledge, tools and resources to take action and make a life-changing difference in people’s lives.

We're here for you

Our nationwide team of is committed to delivering the best quality services, at the highest standards, to improve lives across the country.

We pride ourselves on helping clients and customers reach their health goals with services backed by strong innovation, best practices, and quality assurance.

Acumen Health is a division of Generation Health, part of the APM Group.

About APM Employable Me

As Australia’s leading provider of Disability Employment Services we have helped over 120,000 Australians overcome barriers to employment to find meaningful work in the past 2 years. So, we know our stuff.

With local consultants in over 500 locations nationwide, our team are experts in working with job seekers and employers to build better businesses and enable better lives.

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