Employers and the Dynamics Apprenticeship Program transcript

Speaker 1: I noticed that we didn't have a lot of young talent, 16, 17, 18, 20 year old kids, from the area. And I know I grew up in this area, so I know a lot of the high schools, the dynamic that the people that live here. There are a lot of hardworking families. And I always thought that it was a shame that we didn't have more high school graduates or college graduates from the area knocking on our door.

Bringing someone in and mentoring them, teaching them, having that mentor-mentee relationship that's like second nature for us and they are the next crop that are going to help build this company and make this company better. So you need to dedicate time to them as if they're going to be our next plant engineer. Our team does a great job of doing that because we do it every year and so they know what's expected and they spend the time necessary. And so we very rarely have an internship candidate or in this case, someone like Josiah in a mentorship program.

We very, very rarely have one of those individuals leave our program and go, "Yeah, that wasn't for me here. I didn't really like that or that wasn't a fun summer." It's a positive experience and we definitely get people that say, "I want to come back. I want to work here." And then, we get those that say, "I really don't want to work here because it's just not exactly what I want to do," which is a great outcome as well, but they've got a great resume builder. They've got something that they know they don't want to do now, so then they can find now go out there and find what they do want to do.