The mental health impact of isolation

Isolation and the absence of social/professional connection point to a unique and concerning set of mental health challenges, with ramifications outlasting the physical effects of COVID-19.

In response to this unprecedented situation, organisations must take the lead on enhancing mental health support for their workforce.

Health and safety responsibility

Organisations remain responsible for the health and safety of people whilst they are working from home.

Helping employees set up, problem solve, and work safely is critical.

Using self-checklists and online tools help your team members be active participants in solving safety challenges.

head-in-the sand approach is never a good idea.

What you do today will make a difference

  • Make the mental health and safety of your workforce a priority
  • Actively promote your Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Provide mental health awareness training and leader training through virtual programs
  • Communicate often with your teams using various media
  • Draw on your existing provider network for resources to assist you

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