Why a leader’s support may help save a life

As Australia moves into our ‘new normal’, APM’s Health & Wellbeing team will provide regular insights and advice to help you address some of the most pertinent issues arising.

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Brain and Mind Centre joint statement found here.

What does this mean?

It’s not easy reading, but recent research by some of Australia’s top mental health experts, reveals a devastating warning around the lasting impact of COVID-19.

The Brain and Mind Centre’s study suggests we may see an increase in people taking their own lives by up to 50% as the unemployment rate rises.

For individuals facing unemployment, the impact of isolation, financial and economic uncertainty, is exacerbated by personal and family health concerns.

The National Mental Health Commission’s Pandemic Response Plan includes guidance on delivering coordinated support to vulnerable people.

As leaders and community members, now is the time to take extra care of our team members, their families and the people we reach through our organisations.

  • Language matters. While we maintain a safe distance, social and community engagement is more important than ever. We are physically distant, but we must keep communicating and encourage and promote social closeness using available technology.
  • Stay in touch. Reach out regularly to family, friends, team members and colleagues. Connect meaningfully, and don’t forget to ask RUOK?
  • Be ready to help. Check your organisation’s EAP and know other resources available – we have included links below. You can also use previous Market Updates with resources for young people and advice to support those experiencing loneliness.

Where to go for help and information