Margaret on hiring staff through APM Employment Services

Margaret’s recently had her first experience as a manager hiring a person with disability, when she added Tayla to their team.

She didn’t know anything about APM to start with, adding how they have been an excellent support.

The APM staff member who supported Tayla and Margaret as they began working together, Janine, was approachable and friendly.

While APM support job seekers to find sustainable employment, they equally support employers in their recruitment practices, helping to simplify an often-daunting process.

“Janine has been someone that you can ring up at any time, and you know she’ll touch base with us to see how things are going” Margaret said.

“I think in this day and age where you need to give people the opportunity, sometimes it will work out and sometimes it doesn’t.”

“It’s more about looking at them as a person, as a whole.”

Her experience with APM and hiring Tayla has been positive, and transformative for their business. 

Respect have found a hard-working young professional who wants to work towards her financial goals, who they want to succeed.

Being able to take short breaks to rest as Tayla pushes her laundry cart around – and she knows when her social battery is low, she can do more autonomous work when she needs it.

Looking beyond a person’s disability and seeing their strengths and skills can open up a vast pool of untapped talent for employers, according to Margaret.

“They are a person, they’ve got feelings. They’ve got joys, delights, you know, the whole plethora of their personality and character is there – and the opportunity is an untapped resource” she said.