APMiQ Insights

Published on 02 Dec 2020

Photo showing two hands holding a tablet device showing the APMiQ program survey

APMiQ Life Index is APM’s national innovation in return-to-work award-winning psychosocial tool.

It is designed to capture powerful data and useful insights into an injured worker’s overall wellbeing, emotional health and their perceived return to work capacity for better outcomes.

Over the past 2 years, APMiQ Life Index has been used more than 1700 times with our clients with an average overall score of 31.1/50.

This has allowed APM to garner great insights regarding the psychosocial barriers impacting on a successful return to work. Additionally, it provides insight into the strategies that have been effective in mitigating these risks and useful comparison data between schemes and cohorts.

Consistently across all cohorts, family relationships, mood, financial security and social activities scored the lowest average scores. This indicates these areas should be a focus for all clients when supporting their rehabilitation plan.

Chart entitled "Lowest scoring Life Index items"

APM are looking forward to sharing APMiQ data insights with industry via a virtual forum early next year.

If you are interested in registering your interest for this event, please email Clair on workcare.customers@apm.net.au.