Back to the future of workplace wellbeing

APM WorkCare is returning to the OHS Leaders Summit to share the latest insights, case studies and technology with an expert roundtable session.

The Emerging Tech in Wellbeing and Injury Management session will include practical strategies shared by our panel.

This year’s session builds on the success of APM WorkCare’s successful 2018 workshop which gave attendees the chance to try virtual reality technology to understand how it was changing the way organisations were approaching workplace health and safety.

As well as another chance to test new technology, attendees will benefit from shared expertise of three panel members:

Greg Borman, Biosymm

Greg will be sharing how the Physiotherapy Telehealth model prevents a worker’s injury from progressing as experienced physiotherapists provide immediate advice on site. Avoiding any delays in treatment and improving return to work outcomes.

The telehealth model supports our commitment to active treatment and enables participants to take ownership and responsibility for their treatment and recovery.

Amanda Johnston, APM WorkCare

Amanda will be demonstrating APMiQ - a psychosocial smart phone app for use with occupational rehabilitation.

APMiQ measures your client's overall wellbeing, their perceived return to work (RTW) capacity and emotional health. The system allows delivery of digital assessments and identifies risk factors to your client’s recovery and return to work.

Results can also show progression over time and health trends across regions, customer portfolios and client cohorts against population demographics.

Gerard Bevan, Assure Programs

Gerard will share how Assured use data to identify key psychosocial risks in each sector and what organisations are doing to address these risks.

Gerard will also review effective initiatives organisations are using to decrease the stigma around mental health and increase their return on investment in employee support services, including Assure’s innovative SMS EAP Application.