How can VR and wearable tech upgrade your team?

Published on 08 Mar 2018

That’s the question employers, businesses and thought leaders were invited to discuss at a roundtable discussion with APM WorkCare.

Stepping into the world of safer, productive workplaces through virtual reality and wearable technology at today’s OHS Leaders Summit, APM WorkCare presented the technology integrations organisations should look out for to upgrade their workforce.

During the discussion APM WorkCare General Manager, Philip Paysden, invited business leaders and partners to explore how VR services could enhance their workforce and demonstrated how it was already having results.

“We are delighted to be part of the OHS Leadership forum and with the positive response to APM WorkCare’s collaborative workplace solution approach," he said.

“The OHS Leaders showed real commitment to the recovery and return to life of injured and detached employees."

The impact of technology on workplace health and safety continues to grow with an increasing number of applications and adoptions in multiple industries.

From inducting new starters to the dangers of a specific worksite to operating machinery and day to day manual handling, organisations are increasingly integrating technology for greater detail on how to improve wellness along with the productivity of their workforce.

APM WorkCare’s round table event was part of the OHS Leaders Summit which brought industry leaders from across Australia together for two days in the Gold Coast.

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