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Published on 30 May 2019

A ticked checkbox that says I'm not a robot

Emerging tech is awesome but losing human touch with clients and stakeholders comes with risk!

How likely are you to attend an appointment if you were just going to interact with a machine?

How would you feel being diagnosed with an illness or receiving life-changing news by an app or digital screen?

As much as we all love gadgets and technology for the ease, speed and simplicity they bring, there are still plenty of situations in which we would all prefer the human touch.

When it comes to workplace engagement including pre-work health assessments, we may think digitised systems offer the best outcome.

But let me ask you this…

What’s it worth to have 99% of your candidates turn up for the assessments and have a personalised, valued experience?

Our customers tell us in candidate-shy markets engagement is super important and giving a great experience makes a big difference to attracting and retaining the right staff.

This is why the APM WorkCare concierge approach works

When it comes to complex, or sensitive tasks where we are not sure what step to take next, we may seek digital data and insights to help inform our decision. But the human to human interaction and voice of experience by someone who understands how we feel is still vital.

As Ron Miller from Techcrunch outlines in his article, we don’t want a machine delivering us sensitive and life impacting medical information. If we need to discuss financial lending options, we want to review our specific circumstances with an experienced professional.

Do you prefer a more human touch? Learn more about APM WorkCare's concierge service

Assessing your workforce

And when it comes to delivering various assessments for your workplace, teams or new employees, the human connection should never be overlooked in favour of automation or faster results.

Technology is ineffective at replacing this style of interaction.

Andrew Arnold in his Forbes article highlights that the idea that technology can supersede the need for creative thinking, problem-solving, leadership, teamwork and initiative is not realistic, and humans and technology must work together to be successful.

Pre-employment checks

Many suppliers have online booking systems for pre-employment candidates to save time and money.

While beneficial to the budget, this process makes it the responsibility of the candidate to make the booking.

They also need to make it within your desired timeframe and then actually attend.

It sounds simple, but we probably all know candidates who failed to appear or even slipped through the recruitment process in a tight market.

APM’s concierge service

APM’s service model means customers have the ability to access technology – while APM’s Concierge Service:

  • Contacts your candidate
  • Understands their availability, needs and considerations
  • Walks them through the process
  • Books a time and sequence to meet your stakeholders’ needs

In reality, your candidate may not always understand the process for your workplace, can be concerned about the assessments, have a number of competing demands – or a number of competing job offers.

It’s our commitment to personal, human interaction which helps them navigate this.

And we have seen how it makes a difference for our customers to secure the candidate they want, rather than lose a valuable new team member in an automated, cold, lifeless process.

Just how successful is the APM WorkCare service model?

In more than 25,000 assessments, only 0.2% of the people expected did not attend their appointment with APM.

When it comes to finding your next star employee, wouldn’t you prefer to know they were up to the challenges of the job and eager to attend and assessment to get started?

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