Join APM at national workers’ compensation summit

Published on 14 Feb 2019

Join us for leadership initiatives for return to work: Use of the official disability guidelines

APM WorkCare Branch Manager for Victoria, Alicia Sanzo, will be presenting at this month’s National Workers’ Compensation Summit in Melbourne.

Alicia will join a host of presenters at the two-day annual conference to share valuable insights on using the Official Disability Guidelines to achieve successful Return to Work outcomes.

The 20th Annual National Workers’ Compensation Summit takes place at Crown Melbourne on 18-19 February.

The event specialises in sharing insights and updates in the world of workers’ compensation and workplace health and safety.

Alicia will present Leadership Initiatives for Return to Work: Use of the Official Disability Guidelines, at 4.30pm on Monday 18th February.

As well as exploring the benefits of using the Official Disability Guidelines, Alicia’s presentation will also detail how it can be used to aid positive return to work outcomes with medical practitioners.

The summit’s agenda will also explore keen areas of interest, including:

  • Current national legislative changes and future proposals
  • Claims management
  • Technology and automation in WHS
  • Leadership initiatives for successful RTW
  • Change management in an evolving workplace environment
  • Self-insurance
  • Injury prevention and management
  • Mental health and wellbeing and initiatives
  • Preventing action strategies
  • Employee engagement case studies
  • Ageing workforce challenges

Learn more about the summit here.

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