Labour Market Insights

Published on 11 Nov 2020

picture showing the job listings page of a newspaper

The year 2020 will be known by many as the year that changed people’s lives and challenged so many others in both personal and professional ways.

2020 provided extra challenges for people seeking new employment opportunities in a very different and rapidly evolving local job market.

Our Vocational Consultants and Employment Placement Professionals found that whilst there were many industries and roles that suffered, many employers were actively looking for the right people throughout the height of the pandemic.

Pivoting quickly, providing support and the right opportunities via networking and reverse marking has meant that our job seekers have been able to continue uninterrupted in their recovery and journey to new employment.

New South Wales

Positive labour markets observed, and clients placed include:

  • Customer Services jobs.
  • Health industry - aged care support workers/ disability support worker/ mental health and youth worker roles.
  • Trade services e.g. kitchen joiners and forklift drivers.
  • Part-time positions in retail roles, primarily in clothing retail industry
  • Number of roles being advertised in education, driving and for local councils.

Good news story

A wheelchair bound Western Sydney client was able to secure a final interview as an IT Software Developer for a role that was originally to be based in South Australia. She previously struggled to locate suitable roles when job seeking due to her location and accessibility issues.

She was advised at interview that the employer now realised that this role was able to be performed from anywhere across Australia, including from home, and she was being considered as one of the top candidates. We have our fingers crossed she will be successful in the position and await the outcome!


The key growth areas over the past 6 months noted within Victoria are:

  • Work from home admin/data entry roles
  • Security positions Logistics and transport
  • Customer service based roles
  • Essential retail
  • Aged care admin
  • Public transport (Metro Trains); as well as
  • Work from home charity call centres

Good ne​ws story

From July to October 2020, during the height of COVID restrictions, David Puddy, APM Victoria’s Employment Placement Manager has been instrumental in gaining 62 interviews for his clients, 19 of these clients were successfully placed into meaningful, long-term employment – demonstrating the labour market has changed, but it hasn’t disappeared.