Reducing the cost of injury in the workplace

Published on 13 Dec 2018

Positive steps from an employer can greatly improve the recovery of an injured worker.

This simple message was one of many practical insights shared by APM WorkCare at the Safety in Action Return to Work Conference in Sydney recently.

APM State Manager for NSW, Carolyn Bell, outlined the different perspectives of workers, employers and treaters when it comes to recovery at the two-day event.

Using strategies focused on how employers could help their injured workers progress, Carolyn outlined:

  • How a claim experience impacts on ability to return to work
  • Working together for a collective approach to return to work
  • Getting better outcomes with treatment providers 
  • Using the Official Disability Guidelines 
Carolyn detailed the progression of an injured worker with their employer’s support through two scenarios.

Delegates also particularly liked the practical application of Official Disability Guidelines in achieving positive outcomes and the suggested strategies employers could use to ensure any future workplace injuries are managed positively and succinctly. 

Don’t miss Carolyn’s next presentation!

Carolyn will be at the National Workers’ Compensation Summit, on 18 and 19 February in Melbourne.

The focus will be on Leadership Initiatives for Return to Work and the use of the Official Disability Guidelines.

Carolyn will be outlining the tool, the benefits and evidence behind it, and how it can be practically used to drive positive return to work outcomes with medical practitioners and treating parties.

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