Rebecca’s adventures - how APM WorkCare supports WA's regional workplaces

Published on 23 Oct 2023

Photo of lush greenery and the ocean taken from a plane window, inset is photo of Rebecca

While some folks see their careers take off in big cities, Rebecca’s career has taken off in the big wide spaces of regional and remote Australia.

Rebecca began working as an exercise physiologist for APM WorkCare in 2006 in the Northern Territory, living and working in Darwin and the remote town of Jabiru.

In 2019 she relocated back to her home state of Western Australia, moving to the Pilbara in the state’s northwest.

Today, Rebecca is based in the coastal town of Dampier, also servicing the nearby town of Karratha.

Throughout her career she has enjoyed the variety of work which she has got while far from the big cities many get their start in.

“Being located in remote locations the type of work is very adventurous and unique. I have travelled to some of the most remote locations in Australia,” Rebecca said.

“I enjoy the characters I meet each day, getting to know the type of work they do, goals they want to achieve and where their passions lay.”

When asked about some of her memorable experiences, she lists some incredible and unique appointments and work she’s undertaken.

“I’ve driven across crocodile infested waters, completed a worksite assessment whilst looking at Uluru and travelled by boat to access a pearl farm in the remote Northern Territory," she recalled.

"I’ve chartered myself a plane to undertake a worksite assessment in a tiny outback town known as Timber Creek on the border of Western Australia and Northern Territory.”

Working with clients in areas where there is limited access to services has made her work feel all the more rewarding.

“I find it most rewarding overcoming these barriers and facilitating service provision with a combination of both virtual and in person treatment where possible,” Rebecca said.

“It is most rewarding when it is due to APM’s support and coordination, our clients achieve their goals despite a number of challenges being faced” she added.

When she’s not working, Rebecca is enjoying the incredible waters, aquatic life and coral reefs around Dampier.

“My favourite thing is being on the water and the islands that are close by - we often will go for a surf, dive to catch some crays for dinner, pick up some squid or coral trout, and depending on the season watch the turtles nesting.”

Not everyone has had the chance to do a worksite assessment at a crocodile farm, but there are a range of remote locations with roles available with APM WorkCare.

When you apply you might just get your own set of unique experiences like Rebecca.

APM WorkCare has offices in all states and territories across Australia and service a range of remote locations locally. To discuss services in Karratha or across WA, get in touch with our State Manager Lauren via