Welcome to WorkCare Advisor

Published on 21 Jun 2018

Welcome to our first newsletter of recent times, we are aiming to bring our customers and partners more relevant industry communications and insights.

Much is and has changed in APM over recent times and as one of Australia’s largest human services providers we believe we have an important role in sharing our expertise in workplace health, disability employment and a number of other sectors in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

The health and wellbeing industry continues to gather pace and in my 15 years being involved I have not seen change at this level.

From state scheme changes and provider rationalisation to technology finding its way into everything we do – ultimately these will drive safer workplaces for all Australians.

I’ve been with APM for nearly 12 months now and have really enjoyed the collegiate nature of this diverse juggernaut of a business.

With such rapid and diverse growth the absolute commitment to purpose of “enabling better lives” remains as central to the global business today as it did 24 years ago, when it started as an occupational rehab provider in Perth.

In this edition we have an update on the OneAPM business, and as it’s our first for a while, we will bring you up to speed on our WorkCare capability, along with sharing our NPS results and give you a sector update across the states and territories.

We also focus on a couple of hot topics including psychological pre-employment checks and the risk of not completing them, as well as the ongoing challenge of flexible working and working from home.

I am also pleased to showcase our first APMiQ product. A pioneering application we have developed to support our customers view on a shift in the industry to use a broader approach in measuring an individual’s wellbeing and determine advancement in return to work, including psychosocial measures.

We will continue to listen to you, our customers, and provide up to date information.

For those interested in technology and workplace health you can learn how to join our new LinkedIn forum too.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to continuing to work with you and your teams.

Kind regards,

Philip Paysden

General Manager for APM WorkCare