WorkCare Advisor - Summer 2018

Published on 13 Dec 2018

Welcome to the summer edition of the WorkCare Advisor, bringing you up to date industry insights and also some of the changes at APM.

This edition looks at the need-to-know insights of legislative and regulatory changes around Australia, plus updates on current workplace health technology trends.

At APM we believe we have a responsibility to collaborate and share insights with the industries and government sectors we work in.

A few months ago we held a workshop on mentally healthy workplaces, with best practice advice from Emma Blee at Aussie Post and thought leader, Dr Peter Cotton.

The event received fantastic feedback and many attendees used the opportunity to network with our presenters and each other.

I would like to say how saddened the team and I were to hear of Dr Cotton's passing, I have worked with him over the last few years and found him to be an inspirational thinker and great leader in mental health and someone who will be sadly missed. Our sympathies go to Peter’s family.

Our future

APM announced in November an agreement to acquire the Ingeus Group, a leading international provider of government employment programs and people-based services.

Ingeus operates in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and Spain.

Together APM will have over 5,000 staff across 10 countries and support over 350,000 people to improve their lives each year.

In Australia, Ingeus trades as Assure Programs, a leading Employment Assistance Program and psychological services provider to corporate and government markets.

I am of course very excited about this opportunity - and not just because I started my career in workplace health with Ingeus in 2004.

I see a strong alignment between both values-driven organisations and I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

NPS insights

Since we brought in NPS as our customer satisfaction index earlier this year I have enjoyed the regular feedback from customers and the stories from our teams when they make the call to those we have delighted and equally to those we haven’t.

As I explain to my leadership team, NPS is a journey and the learning and action we take from this is way more important than a stationary score.

Continually listening to our customers allows us to focus resources where they will have most impact.

I have recently learnt that world class health care has an NPS of +65. (Guess what our new ambition is??)

Today our score is +46 and I was also recently advised one of our newer contracts had an NPS of +84, the highest of all providers.

This blew me away and is driven by the product design and the delivery - a responsibility we share with our partner. 

I hope you enjoy this edition and I wish you and your family a safe and happy festive season. 


General Manager for APM WorkCare