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AirServices Australia Workstation Assessment

Request an assessment for you or a member of your team and help avoid the impact of injuries

At APM WorkCare, we can help you create a working environment that encourages safe practices and attitudes to keep your employees safe and looked after.

Your team’s safety is our main priority.

Like you, we know the best way to avoid injuries is to prevent them, especially in the workplace.

Our experienced consultants apply best practice ergonomic principles to analyse how your team work and adapt to their environment.

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Which assessment should I request?

Standard workstation assessment

Completed on-site with the worker and involves a review of the ergonomic set up and adjustment of existing equipment (wherever possible) in line with ergonomic principles. A comprehensive report with recommendations will be provided after the assessment.

Suitable for:

  • Employees who are experiencing pain or symptoms at the workplace
  • Those who are likely to experience issues
  • If an employee requires additional or alternative ergonomic equipment
  • Those seeking further education on ergonomic principles to be able to correctly set up future workstations or incorporate new equipment *

Cost: $500.28 GST exclusive (fixed fee, per assessment)

Home & WHS ergonomic assessment

This assessment is conducted with the employee in their home. It involves a review of and required adjustments to their home workstation, followed by an assessment report. A WHS Assessment ensures employee safety by evaluating the suitability of the home environment. This meets the employer’s obligations under the WHS Act to exhibit duty of care in providing a safe work environment for their employees.

Suitable for:

  • Employees who are required to work from home
  • Employees who are new to working from home, or require suitable set up or equipment
  • Employees experiencing physical discomfort while working from home

A WHS assessment can be beneficial to meet duty of care obligations under the WHS Act if WHS items in the employee’s home have not yet been assessed and addressed.

Cost: $588.50 GST exclusive (fixed fee, per assessment)

Virtual comprehensive ergonomic assessment

Virtual assessments are conducted via video link, with the worker present at their workstation to be assessed. This assessment is used when a more comprehensive assessment is required, such as:

  • The employee is experiencing minor symptoms
  • Equipment is required
  • If the employee requires education and tailored advice

A more extensive assessment and report option is quoted by request should the referrer require this.

Suitable for:

  • Virtual ergonomic assessments may be beneficial when a face-to-face assessment is not practical or preferable.
  • An APM Consultant unable to be present onsite, during a site lockdown or in secure work areas
  • Travel distance precludes viability of face-to-face assessment
  • Contactless service delivery supports employee health and safety

Cost: $294.25 GST exclusive (fixed fee, per assessment)

Ergonomic sweep

A workstation assessment via a ‘checklist’ method to focus on correct workstation set up, identify seating and standing desk heights, monitor heights and chair set up.

These assessments are for five or more staff i.e. new starters or due to staff relocations.

Education on good ergonomic practices and equipment recommendations made as required.

The checklist is left with the employee to refer back to, no formal report is provided to AirServices Australia.

Cost: $78.46 GST exclusive per assessment, min. of 5


Assessments are able to be combined at one location on one day so that only one travel fee is charged. 

A quote is able to be provided if a more in-depth and extensive assessment is required, such as for:

  • Employees living with multiple injuries
  • Employees who have a complex work environment
  • Those managing the physical and cognitive effects following stroke or cerebral palsy
  • Workplace-specific consultation for systemic issues which pertain to workplace practices, unique equipment, heating, lighting or noise are also available as part of this assessment.