Reducing your workforce?

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Support retrenched workers with Stronger Transitions 

If your business is reducing the size of its workforce, you may be able to support retrenched workers to find alternative employment.

The Australian Government-funded Stronger Transitions service supports retrenched workers in five regions affected by large-scale redundancies and where the local labour market faces difficulties.

  1. Adelaide North/West
  2. Mandurah
  3. Melbourne North/West
  4. North Queensland
  5. North/North-West Tasmania

If you’re an employer in one of these regions, access more information here.

You can also contact your local Employment Facilitator to see what Stronger Transitions support may be available for you and your employees.

APM WorkCare is the only Stronger Transitions provider in all five allocated regions

Our services are delivered by our team of allied health professionals who pride themselves on high quality customer services and exceptional results.

With more than 500 locations nationwide, you’re supported by a network of teams who know the demands and requirements of local job markets nationwide.