Glenn and Ingeus Singapore transcript

Glenn: My name is Glenn Octavia Mascarinas. I have a pretty small family. It's just my mom, my wife, and me that live together. I love music. That comes first, followed by football and baking. I worked for about 14 years as a sports producer. The company downsized in 2019, and I was trying to actually find jobs that were available at the time. Due to the pandemic in 2020, everything had shut down, and most sports companies or sports production companies were closing down at the time. I landed up coming here in 2020, December, and the reason for coming here was pretty simple, I wanted to make a career switch in a way. Not because it was mandatory, but because I wasn't getting anything else in my line, and I needed to get back into the workforce. So I landed up coming to Ingeus, and I am glad I did.

Benjamin Robert: The Career Matching Provider Programme here in Singapore is a partnership between Workforce Singapore and Ingeus. Everyone who's referred will have a dedicated coach. That coach will stay with them throughout their journey. All of our coaches are accredited professionals, and they work in a dedicated way with all of their clients. The coach is really the foundation of the program, and they carry their client throughout the program that we deliver.

Glenn: So my career coach is Stephen. Absolutely love him. He's a really motivational, quick action kind of man. He was very quick to follow up with me and not really to put pressure on me, but he give me those gentle reminders. "Did you get this done? Did you get that done?" Then he put in a few inputs here and there. I think Stephen reignited that search and he said, "There's a job available in corporate customer care, which is with banking." It was something I never wanted to do, because I've always been creative. But then, Stephen said, "You like to talk, you work as a commentator.

You worked as a sports producer. I think this job would suit you." Looking back now, I realize what Stephen and maybe what Ingeus would've seen that I didn't see. I was a natural fit with it. It was very easy for me to tackle the job. I would definitely recommend this to people, not just looking for a career switch, but knowing the current market. Don't sit at home, get in touch with Ingeus. Get in touch with the career coach. Speak to them. It can do wonders for you, not just for you in terms of reigniting your career. I think it's rebirth also in terms of how you would see yourself in a new role or on a new career path.