Hani and Ingeus Singapore transcript

Norhani: I am Norhani. Most of my friends call me Hani. I was actually still working with the travel industry. And because COVID was hit quite badly, the travel industry crashed and I was laid off. I was stayed at home, looking after my parents who were both bed-ridden.

The career coach was actually not in my mind at all because I thought that if I have about nearly 30 years of experience, I should do well in getting a job. Especially going through interviews and people would see that I have eight pages of resume, I should be doing okay. But when I think back, why isn't there any employee calling me up for interview? And then that starts to strike me, that I think I should need help. I must go and seek help.

Linus Leen: The program is planned for unemployed Singaporeans who are looking to relaunch their careers and restart their life. The coaches, we have a dedicated coach that gets introduced to you and takes you through the program. The dedicated coach would also define the kind of workshops that you need to attend that Ingeus provides to try and get you up to scratch with your CV, with your LinkedIn, with networking. And the coaches themselves work with you to try and make sure that you have very good profiles out there that will have an edge over someone else.

Norhani: During my career coaching, I was called up by two companies to go for interview. That's when we start prepping and I feel very ease when the real interview happens that I could actually answer most of the questions that actually we practiced together. It's a really wonderful experience I had with them, and I want this experience to be shared to my friends as well.