How Grant Associates supported Frantzi into a life-changing job transcript

Frantzi: I am first generation born Haitian American from Brooklyn, New York. Been in the construction field for about 20 years. My brother introduced me to the construction field, so I came to Career Advance trying to further my career. They had options of job development, and I needed to work. I needed to get off the streets. I was homeless, and they had a great-back-to work program, and I took advantage of that. My experience with Career Advance was great. Actually, they helped me gain confidence. They helped me with understanding what I need to do in an interview, how to speak in an interview, how to conduct myself in an interview. I got my certifications here, my OSHA, my site safety, my scaffolding, my suspended scaffolding, my silica, and after that they actually helped me get a job. So it was a great experience with the training program.

David: Grant Associates works with people and sends them to us after dealing with basic job readiness so that we can then give them the skills training as well as the certifications they need to enter the field. Frantzi is very responsible. He's very much committed to the work at hand, and he knows what he's talking about with respect to construction having worked directly in the field. What I can only wish for any employer is that they find someone as committed to the work at hand that they're doing as he is to the work of the Andromeda Community Initiative.

Frantzi: Career Advance impacted my life by helping me find a job, giving me confidence that I was able to do a great job when I did get the job, and they were there to support me in whatever way that I needed them to.