How Grant Associates supported Hanna transcript

Hanna: I'm Hanna. I'm 18, and I was a part of the CTE ISP Scholars Program. I joined the program because I thought it was a good way to kind of expand my knowledge, just gain new skills, and add something to my resume as well.

Adele: So the way the internship experience starts is the students have to apply online and then they interview with their program coordinator. So I was Hanna's program coordinator, so I got to interview her where I learned more about the things she was interested in and liked doing. In this, we talked about different crystals, salt lamps, and then I figured Moon and Jai would be a perfect pair for her.

Speaker 3: Hanna's responsibilities during her internship varied at the point that Hanna started working with Moon and Jai and Moon Temple, because I was in the process of opening our brick and mortar space. I've gotten pretty good at assigning tasks to interns. So she did a little bit of everything. And what I love about Hanna is that she's a yes person.

Hanna: I had a really good experience with the CTE Industry Scholars Program. I was able to learn a bunch of new skills through my internship, Moon and Jai. I learned how to create social media posts, kind of expand my whole world on just social media branding and marketing and creating all these events and any tasks that just kind of arised. I would recommend the program to other high schoolers. I would tell them that it's such a good opportunity, something to add to your resume, and you could just learn a new variety of skills. And I guess the advice I would have going into the program would be just keep an open mind. You don't know who you're going to be matched up with, but you could learn so much and just really stay dedicated and motivated and start networking.