International Day of People with Disability is a chance for organisations everywhere to better recognise and support people with disability.

The annual celebration and recognition of people with disability aims to reduce the inaccurate stereotypes that surround many disabilities and enable more recognition of an individual’s ability. 

It also provides a chance for leaders to check if their organisation is missing out on the multiple benefits of being inclusive of people with disability.

Our role in supporting people with disability

At APM we help thousands of people with disability access employment, community and mainstream  support every day.

Across the APM Group our teams also guide organisations to better serve customers, support employees and colleagues, and grow in their community, through a range of services and programs on being accessible and inclusive of people with disability.  

We believe everyone has a role to play in enabling better lives for people with disability, and we want to make it easier for more people and organisations to do just that.

3 ways you can better support
people with disability

1. Hire a person with disability

If you’re an employer or business owner there are many ways you can increase your support of people with disability.

The fastest and most life-changing step you can take is simple – hire a person with disability.

There is a huge wealth of untapped potential amongst the job seekers who face difficulty finding a good job because they are overlooked due to a disability or health condition.

Is your business missing out?

As well as missing out on reliable, dedicated employees, businesses who overlook job seekers with disability are also losing opportunities to improve the diversity of their workforce, stronger links with their community and the government-funded financial benefits.

APM Employment Services can guide you through the hiring process and support you and your team with training or required changes to your business when employing a job seeker with disability.

Download your copy of the employer's guide to APM Employment Services today to see how you can make a real difference in a person’s life and build a better business.

Cover of the Employment Services brochure for Employers

2. Be more inclusive and accessible to people with disability in your community

Making your business or community group inclusive means everyone has the opportunity to enjoy your products, services and spaces.

There are many things you need to consider when looking to include people with disability, and we know it’s not always easy to know where to start.

That’s why we’re sharing this tip sheet on how to improve access and inclusion in your organisation.

Download it today and see what small steps you can take to make a big difference to people with a disability within and outside your organisation.


Creating a disability inclusive business tip sheet

3. Learn and share more about disability diversity and inclusivity

APM started 2020 by launching the first ever Disability Diversity & Inclusivity Index of Australian businesses.

We gathered insights from more than 600 business across Australia and spoke to more than 1,200 people with disability about access to employment, careers, equality and inclusivity.

The research enabled us to record an inaugural benchmark rating of disability diversity and inclusivity of businesses in Australia.

The benchmark rating for 2020 was 57.6 out of 100. Showing there is plenty of work to be done by organisations across Australia to be more diverse and inclusive of people with disability.

Latest insights

This year COVID-19 has affected major aspects of daily life, and disability diversity and inclusivity didn’t escape its impact.

The Disability Diversity & Inclusivity rating for 2021 is lower at 56.2.

Find out more about what this means for people with disability and the work still needed to be done by businesses, governments, communities and other organisations to be more inclusive and accessible by downloading the APM Disability Diversity and Inclusivity Index today.

When you download the 2021 Index you will also get additional insights on how the impact of COVID-19 on disability diversity and inclusivity.


APM's Disability Diversity & Inclusion Index brochure

Have a disability and want to work?

Our APM Employment Services team operates in communities across Australia and successfully supports people with disability to find employment - and helps them to keep it when things in life change.

If you’re eligible for the Disability Employment Services program, we can help you search and apply for suitable work near you, and support you with meeting employers and getting started in your new job.

If you want more independence, more control of your own money and to meet new people in a meaningful job, register with APM today.

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