Ingeus UK - CFO Activity Hubs transcript

Dean Higham: The CFO Activity Hubs is a new program, which is centered around people on probation and licensed from prison within a community setting. So there's lots of interventions which we do on the CFO program. The first part is developing them holistically. So that could be things from building confidence, self-esteem. Then the other part is practical skills, such as accommodation advice or life skills or debt advice, something which is on a skill-based level.

Graham Wallace: It ranges from activities which are fun to building social skills, to having that support basically to have somebody else there that will listen to them and help and support them. We have a lot of people that come in here and they really have benefited from a lot of the things that we offer. You will never leave these premises a worst person you come in, we will always try to help you on your journey and make you a better person.

Dean Higham: People who would benefit from this service is people who are on probation and license. And even though they might not think it at the start, we've never had any candidates who take away nothing. It's about developing the person and moving them forward from where they started.