Ingeus UK - Daniel's Story transcript

Manjit Dillon: My name is Manjit Dillon, and I'm an employer relationship consultant for the East Midlands team on the CFO3 project. People we work with are ex-offenders, people that are still unlicensed. We have case workers working in prison, and we also have case workers in the community, covering things like anxieties, confidence building. Because a lot of them haven't worked before, have never attended an interview before, don't really know what's expected within a workplace. So they're the kind of things we cover with them.

Lisa Jay: As the UK came out of the lockdown and everyone was returning back to work, CFO3 gave us an opportunity to support and rehabilitate ex-offenders coming back into the community. They've made this process very simple. They also ensure that the participants have got all the right to work documentation that they need in order to start employment with us.

Daniel Moncur: It started off with trying to find some work, some employment. It then developed into housing because I needed to get my own place. They was ringing me, offering me furniture, support in finding jobs. It becomes like a bit of a friendship really, because they're there to support you like a friend would really, or a family member.

And that's why it's so good because you've got someone to talk to that's outside the box. Do you know what I mean? Somebody that you can be open with without feeling shame or anything like that, really. To be honest with you, it's been brilliant really, the support and the positivity I've got out of it. She's constantly always trying to help me. It's made me trust a little bit more and yeah, believe that there are people out there that really do want to help.