Ingeus UK - National Diabetes Prevention Programme transcript

Katie Derrick: The Diabetes Prevention Programme is aimed at anyone who is at risk of developing diabetes. And the aim is that we make little tweaks and changes to their lifestyle to hopefully prevent the onset of type two diabetes. So the program works by either people being referred from their GP, or they take a little quiz online and they self-refer into the program. It's a 14-session program over about 10 months. And we talk about how the body works and about any tweaks and changes that they can make to prevent the risk of diabetes.

Andrea James: At first, I was a little bit hesitant with the diabetes course because I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. The talk about different foods, the amount that we eat, the different fats that we consume, all these types of things had a big impact when we were discussing them in the meetings. And through that, it sort of like helped us to look at what we were eating, how much we were eating, so that we could change the way that we went about things, really.

David James: Being on the program has helped me tremendously. I've lost two stone in weight. My blood sugar level has been reduced. And I'm enjoying my exercise. Type two diabetes is totally reversible and I'm pleased that I was referred to the course.

Katie Derrick: Previously, we were doing programs in the community where it was local venues in the community where people could pop in. Due to COVID, it's gone online. One of the benefits that we've seen of that is that people can just do it from the comfort of their own home. In the future, we are looking to go back into the community, but we'll also still be offering the online service.