How Ingeus Korea helped Jaesun Jung secure employment transcript

Jaesun Jung: Hello, I am Jaesun Jung. I worked at a bank for 26 years and now I am a public transport bus driver in Seoul.

When it comes to retirement, people aged 55 or older working in the financial business sector have to retire or quit.

For me, I had about 2 years left before retirement. My main role was to manage documents when I was working at the bank’s headquarters. And one day, suddenly, I was told to go back to working as a sales officer in a bank branch. I got so stressed out and ended up leaving the bank after working there for 26 years. It was terrifying to quit. I felt nervous, I felt I had no other choice to quit the bank.

I cannot begin to describe how anxious I felt, as the breadwinner of the family, I wanted to have a stable income, even when my children have grown up and got married. It was an emotionally challenging experience. Fortunately, I found what I would like to do, and I am recovering from the anxiety.

When I saw a Maeul (village) bus passing by in front of my house, I decided to become a bus driver because driving is my favourite thing to do, and I have a driver’s license.

If you work as a bus driver in Seoul, you can get a stable income and work long term just like a public officer in Korea. It is much better than doing nothing as you get older. They say everyone needs a job.

My employment service company showed me individual retirement plans, helping me realise unprepared retirement is not ideal. In case you come to the time you need to get a new job it will definitely be helpful for you to prepare and enhance your skills so you can do what you would like.

Of course, I guess the Maeul (village) bus driver is not the best to some - but I am good at driving, and this is a great option for me in my current situation.