Jasmine and ParentsNext transcript

Jasmine: Hi, my name is Jasmine. I am an early school-leaver. I had two kids when I was young. I was on Centrelink, and I then joined the ParentsNext program. The program has helped me a lot financially, physically, mentally. Getting into study wasn't easy because I don't have any time. I'm not able to not work full-time to go and study full-time because I need the money because I've got the two kids. So they helped me find study online, and they also helped me by supplying me a computer so that I could study at home because I didn't have any of that kind of stuff. Honestly, without the program, I probably wouldn't have gotten back into work because I wouldn't have been able to find study myself or financially been able to afford to go out and buy myself a computer to be able to even start studying.

Elizabeth: Jasmine was very bubbly, nervous, had no idea what she wanted to do, but was open to possibilities. Through the process of the program, Jasmine has become more confident as a person and I think also as a mom as well. The biggest benefit for Jasmine since participating would be her confidence and self-esteem and being able to be independent as a mom for her children. Our rapport together is we joke all the time, but she can come to me if she needs some help with her study or work. She knows that she can come and ask a question if she needs to ask a question. I'll sit down with her, and we'll go through things together.

Tammy: I do see value in the program. I think it's great to help parents trying to transition back into the workforce after having kids. Yeah, it's been easy to deal with the program because they're obviously giving Jasmine the training and the upskilling that she needs to continue her work within the company. I would recommend this program to other people simply because it does make the transitioning back into the workforce a lot easier for parents.

Jasmine: The program has impacted my life and family because I am more independent now and more financial. I can afford to live a happy life and be able to do things as a family. What I would say to others that have been referred to the program is to go ahead and just do it because it'll change their life.

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