Jesus and APM Employment Services Transcript

Jesus: My name is Jesus.

When I came here, I started studying at high school, after that I left high school to find a job. That’s really bad because, you know, I couldn’t buy anything I want, because I didn’t have money. Just going to Centrelink, but that’s not enough.

But when I got this job it was really good, because I have my own money.

Hafez: Jay was introduced by his case manager, Samarra, and I met him face-to-face.

I interview with him, because my job is to interview people, making sure what they’re looking for.

And I found out what sort of job he’s looking for and what his ability is and I try to find a job which is suitable for him.

He learned very quickly and he worked with me and he communicated with me and open himself, you know, making sure, we’re on the same page, we want to get him a job that’s the main thing.

Jesus: It was really good because they were very helpful, especially the manager Samarra and Mel, they helped me get through it.

I feel very happy. I can go on holidays, feels really good. I feel happy.