Little-known benefits of the ParentsNext program that could change the lives of mums and dads

ParentsNext exists to help Australian parents achieve their personal and professional goals.

Not all parents have the same support networks available to them, which can hold them back from what they want to achieve.

Through the ParentsNext program, mums and dads can be supported to pursue their goals and improve life for their family.

Whether it’s connecting with other parents in their local area, finding childcare, upskilling with licenses or certificates, flexible employment, or a little extra help to get back your feet – ParentsNext can help you get there.

About ParentsNext

Every family is different, which is why the help you receive is driven by you.

So you get the support you really need, when you need it.

ParentsNext provides meaningful support for your family and to be successful in life, whatever that looks like for you.

ParentsNext is a voluntary program which supports parents and carers of a child under six years old.

If you receive the Parenting Payment and haven’t been in paid work in the last six months, you could be eligible.

Support includes help with developing skills, training or work experience, help arranging financial support, job preparation skills and training or connecting to local support services such as counselling, childcare and parent groups.

APM Employment Services delivers ParentsNext in parts of Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

Benefits of ParentsNext program

1. It’s free

When you successfully register with ParentsNext, there’s no invoices to pay, administration fees or surcharges.

The support you receive is free, at no cost to you.

If something happens and you can’t attend an appointment with your parent and family pathway planner, your support payments won’t be affected either.

We’re here to help you succeed when you’re ready.

2. It’s voluntary

It’s your program and you decide what you want to achieve.

The ParentsNext program is now fully voluntary, with no mandatory requirements to participate.

Your circumstances can change, so if you want to take a break, we can pick up again where we left off when it works for you.

3. Ease the cost of living with funding and subsidies

If employment or new skills are part of your goals, APM can provide personalised employment support.

This can include accessing different funding and subsidies for study, workshops, training courses, even subsidies for phone and internet bills.

Even if employment is not part of your plan, you can get financial support with budgeting, driving lessons, certain equipment, and aides.

4. Not just employment support

Through ParentsNext, you can access a wide range of different services and support for your family, too.

These include help finding childcare, housing, financial support, health services, transport, and fuel subsidies, along with meeting and connecting with other parents in your community.

Additionally, we can assist you to access individual and family counselling services.

5. Progress at your own pace

It’s your journey, and we’ll work with you, at your pace.

Our pathway planners will help you to plan out a route to achieve your goals.

If you want to reach your goals faster, you can get more intensive support.

We understand the challenges facing today’s parents and we’re here for you.

Find out more

When you come to APM, it’s your journey, and we’ll work with you, at your pace.

Our Parent and Family Pathway Planners will help you to create and design your personal plan and map out a pathway to achieve your goals.

Whether you want to learn new skills and gain qualifications, you’re thinking about finding a job, or you want to set some meaningful goals - we can help you get to where you want to be.

We understand the challenges facing today’s parents and we’re here for you.

To register for ParentsNext or to find out more, visit or call 1800 276 276.