A new start for Alison after conquering cancer

Pictured (L to R): business manager Janelle, Alison and employment consultant Jennifer.

  • After recovering from cancer, Alison experienced health and mental health challenges
  • With support from the Disability Employment Services program, Alison has begun a new and fulfilling career

Re-entering the workforce after her illness had always been something Alison she didn’t think she could do.

Until she reached out to the team at APM Employment Services team in Benalla, located in north-east Victoria.

At the time, Alison was experiencing financial hardship and ongoing medical issues after recovering from cancer.

Alison is also a single mother to five children, and her challenging circumstances had significantly affected her confidence.

The support she received through the Disability Employment Service program has given Alison the new start she previously thought was not possible.

Connecting with a new career path

Initially, Alison did not feel she could work because she did not have any previous experience to draw on.

Business Manager Janelle and her team immediately started working with Alison to help her discover her skills and interests.

After building rapport with Alison, the team identified that she enjoys helping people and was interested in working with older Australians.

With encouragement, Alison embarked on an education journey in her late forties, beginning a Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing).

APM was able to cover the course costs, along with providing her with a tablet for her to use for her studies.

Alison worked hard, and the Benalla team celebrated each milestone with her.

Towards the end of the course, the team helped her secure a work placement in a local aged care facility.

Before starting her placement the team convinced Alison to let them give her a little makeover.

APM was able to organise with a local hairdresser to give her a new hairdo, along with purchasing her some work clothes.

With each milestone, Alison’s confidence was growing.

Employment success

Alison’s work placement was an incredible success.

Upon completing it, the staff and the clients all asked about her and she was offered employment.

APM helped Alison secure the position by assisting with fuel costs, a new set of tyres on her car and relevant employment checks.

Alison recently reached her milestone of 52 weeks of employment and is a valued member of staff.

The APM Benalla team have been there to provide ongoing support for Alison and her employer along the way.

Janelle remembers Alison visiting the office not long ago and she described how her life has changed.

Achieving stable employment hasn’t just improved Alison’s life.

Today, Alison is able to take her kids for a meal and afford to enjoy life with her family.

“I would not have been able to have the confidence to do this without APM. With this change, my mental health and financial situation is so different and improved” she said.

“We went out for dinner for my birthday, and we have even had a family holiday to Tasmania over Christmas.”

Injury, illness or disability and need a job?

You could be eligible for help in finding a suitable job from APM Employment Services, just like Alison.

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Looking for staff?

We don’t just support job seekers, we also help thousands of employers find reliable staff and access government incentives when hiring new employees.

If you’re an employer, you could access wage subsidies and funds for training and workplace modifications when hiring a person with disability for full or part-time work.

Plus, you will be enhancing the diversity of your business while making a real positive difference in a person’s life.

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