Alexis feels supported to take her next steps

Alexis standing in front of her car smiling

  • Alexis struggled to find a good job in aged care despite gaining qualifications
  • After several knockbacks Alexis was diagnosed with a mental health condition
  • Disability Employment Services supported Alexis to secure a good job caring for others

When someone cares, it makes all the difference.

Alexis knows this feeling well.

In late 2020, Alexis had completed her Certificate in Individual Support and Aged Care but was struggling to find work.

In an exceptionally challenging job market, Alexis experienced a series of knockbacks when applying for roles.

This significantly lowered her confidence and impacted her mental health.

When she faced the challenge of entering a brand-new industry after studying, she reached out to APM for assistance. By the time she reached out to APM, she had given up on applying for roles in her field.

Alexis had chosen new fields she’d be interested in and was always open to being put forward for new roles, courses, and tickets.

Despite trying several different avenues, Alexis still longed for a role that allowed her to make a difference in other people’s lives in aged care.

Through the Disability Support program, Alexis had a dedicated employment consultant to help her find roles in her industry which were right for her.

She worked closely with her Employment Consultant Karthi to discuss her employment goals and transferrable skills.

Together they worked to rebuild Alexis’ confidence as they looked for a role which suited her skills and accommodated her mental wellbeing.

Karthi organised an interview for a Support Worker role with Friends at Home. Alexis was successful in the interview and was offered the role.

Today, she is one of the extraordinary support workers who care for our older Australians and people in need to professional care.

Since she started working, she has noticed steady improvements in her mental wellbeing.

Alexis said she was grateful for APM putting so much time and effort into helping her get started on her career path.

Her APM employment consultant and support network were always on hand to support her when she needed it.

In her role as a support worker, she provides domestic support, personal care and respite care to older Australians, or people recently discharged from hospital.

Alexis said she believed thanks to the help she received from APM’s help, she may never have had the opportunity she did.

Injury, illness or disability and need a job?

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