APM help Derrimut Gym find their Clean Team

A man wearing an orange t-shirt with the words "of the Derrimut clean team" on it

Clean team, assemble!

A bulk vacancy for the Derrimut 24:7 Gyms in May this year became a true show of strength for Kelly and the APM Gawler team.

The State Manager of the Derrimut Gyms contacted APM Employment Coordinator Kelly Gilbert for assistance recruiting for 28 positions.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect their clients and staff, Derrimut Gyms were putting in Clean Teams to clean and sanitise the gym equipment.

“Recruiting so many positions at once, I am so grateful for the team effort from the Gawler team” Kelly said “Derrimut were fantastic to work with.”

APM Gawler set to work coordinating the entire process collating resumes from across South Australia, sites included Gepps Cross, Angle Vale, Noarlunga, Melrose Park, Norwood, Seaford and new sites Port Adelaide, Welland and Windsor Gardens.

With support from the Gawler team thirty-six job seekers participated in Zoom interviews with Derrimut Gym over two days, eighteen have been employed with twelve commenced in July and another six in the following weeks.

Group photo of the Derrimut Clean Team at the gym

Derrimut’s Gym organised a Meet and Greet for the newly appointment Clean Team. APM ensured participants looked their best by providing work pants and shoes where required.

Members of the APM Gawler team Amy Dadson and Shona Seiboth attended to support the participants and provide gift bags with APM promotional gear.

The Clean Team were provided tops and where broken into groups of four and were shown where to find the cleaning products and how to clean the gym equipment.

Confirmation of start dates were provided, and the participants were informed as staff members they receive a free gym membership.

The feedback from Derrimut Gym was they are very grateful for APMs assistance with their recruitment needs.

The State Manager has informed all site managers of the gyms to utilise APM for their recruitment needs moving forward and to go through APM Gawler's Kelly Gilbert and Robert Kovacic.

“We are thrilled with the outcomes we had for our job seekers and Derrimut Gyms” Kelly said “it’s wonderful to have them on board for the future. It’s a great feeling to support a local business this year.”

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