APM to help more job seekers with disability

Human services provider APM today announced it is looking forward to helping even more people with disability find jobs after being awarded 91 areas under the Australian Government’s overhaul of the Disability Employment Services (DES) program.

APM, which previously held 12 per cent of the total DES market, remains the largest provider and is set to expand its national disability employment offering into 32 new Employment Service Areas (ESAs). The new DES contract commences on July 1.

“APM has consistently been one of the top performers in DES and we are pleased to expand this to help even more people with disability get meaningful and long-lasting employment,” CEO Employment Services Karen Rainbow said.

One hundred existing DES providers have been recommended to continue providing DES services across Australia, with APM being awarded the most number of ESAs at 91.

“One of the secrets to APM’s continued success is the dedication of our teams to improving life outcomes for people with disability,” Ms Rainbow said. “APM has the experience, scale and reach to build on this success with the new DES contract.”

Ms Rainbow said people with disability made excellent employees.

“We often find that employers will come back again and again because people with disability are hard-working and dedicated employees,” she said.

APM was established by Megan Wynne in Perth in 1994 and has grown to become a leading international human services organisation delivering employment, injury management/vocational rehabilitation, assessment, allied health intervention and community care (aged care and disability care) services.

APM delivers these services from more than 500 locations nationally across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

To date, APM has helped more than a million people.

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