Bethany's incredible transformation with new job

Have you seen how employment can help improve a person's life?

Bundaberg woman Bethany Sivewright says her life has changed dramatically since she was given her first job in four years after working with APM to reach her employment goal.

Bethany had been struggling to find work while balancing challenging health issues including a spinal disorder, depression and anxiety.

But after working with APM and Impact Community Services in Bundaberg, Bethany has found a casual position she is well-suited for and popular with her team and customers.

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From the News Mail...

AFTER four years of trying to get a job, Bethany Sivewright has been given an opportunity that she said had changed her life.

The Bundaberg woman said finding employment had been a struggle due to a number of health challenges including a spinal disorder, chronic back pain, lower limb deficiencies, Asperger's syndrome, depression and anxiety.

"Being on my feet for long periods of time can be difficult,” she said.

"I also used to have really bad anxiety, so typically just being around people was very hard.”

But now, Ms Sivewright has scored herself casual work at Take The Plunge Cafe and said the opportunity had changed her life for the better.

"It is absolutely incredible,” she said.

"I am doing and achieving more than I ever thought possible.”

The employment opportunity came about with the help of local employment agencies APM and Impact Community Services.

"The first goal set was for Bethany to set up and attend all doctor's appointments and specialist appointments to get all treatments on track and also to start to move towards eating healthy as per her GP's advice,” APM employment consultant Shane Olice said.

"Bethany responded well to setting these small goals and continued to eat healthy and introduced light exercise.”

Ms Sivewright then started work experience at Take the Plunge Cafe and before long, she was put on to a more permanent position.

Owner Beth Boorer said it was clear Ms Sivewright was well-suited to the job.

"She is awesome, very bubbly and friendly and excellent with customers,” Ms Boorer said.

"We think she is a great fit.”

Mr Olive said the employment opportunity had been a huge milestone for the Bundaberg woman.

"Bethany is so much happier now, this truly was an unbelievable transformation in such a short period,” he said.

"It's the best result and highlight of my career and could not have happened to a nicer person.”