Brenton’s quick promotion a real confidence boost

Brenton and Jaime at the APM Werribee office

  • Brenton had been unemployed for four years due to a back injury.
  • After securing a job he was promoted within three months of employment.

After breaking his back, Brenton was unemployed for four years, unable to find a job which accommodated his injury.

As a result of this extended time away from work, this impacted his mental health and he began to feel hopeless.

At this vulnerable and stressful time in his life, Brenton reached out for support from APM Werribee, west of Melbourne.

When he arrived for his initial appointment with employment consultant Jamie, his confidence in himself was very low.

Brenton had already obtained his forklift license and was eager to find employment as a forklift driver, however he did not have any previous experience.

To help his job search, he was supported through the Disability Employment Services program, part of APM Employment Services.

Jamie worked with Brenton to apply for forklift positions, but after several weeks with limited success they decided to revise their approach.

Jamie identified Brenton’s key strengths and worked to build his self-esteem.

After broadening his employment prospects and applying for roles in different industries, Brenton found he was feeling more hopeful.

The combination of attending interviews and working with Jamie had greatly improved his confidence stating, “I’ve got a confidence I didn’t have before”.

Employer Account Manager Jet worked with Jaime and Brenton to help him connect with local employers in his chosen industry.

He was able secure an interview in a machine operation position.

Jet briefed this employer on how they could reduce hiring costs through wage subsidies and other benefits available when employing people through APM.

Brenton was successful in his interview, and he accepted the position. In November 2022 he began full-time employment.

Jamie assisted Brenton to access funding for the purchase personal protective equipment (PPE), and fuel vouchers to help him get to and from work.

Even after he was successfully employed, Jaime and Brenton continued to stay in contact and catch up as part of APM’s post placement support.

Brenton never missed an appointment with Jamie, ensuring to text her when he began working night shifts to inform her of this change in circumstances.

Jamie was delighted to hear that Brenton had been promoted to Plant Operator just three months into employment.

He thoroughly enjoys his job and has found a career that will allow continual growth and opportunity.

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