Brian and Zeke are star employees

  • Brian is intelligent, highly skilled, determined, and legally blind
  • After purchasing some assistive technologies, Brian and his guide dog Zeke are loving their workplace

Workplace support helps Brian make a difference to other lives.

Brian is one of those people that can walk into a room, and it just lights up.

When Brian arrives at the APM Hervey Bay (QLD) office, he will always try to say hello to all staff before taking a seat.

Brian is legally blind but without his white cane, you would never be able to tell.

According to Vision Australia, a person is considered legally blind if they cannot see at six metres what someone with normal vision can see at 60 metres or if their field of vision is less than 20 degrees in diameter.

Brian is a confident, outgoing, determined, and intelligent person. He approached APM with the hope of finding a role which suited him, with support from the Disability Employment Services program.

Brian can see outlines and shadows but requires glasses, a walking cane, and his newest addition, a gorgeous black Labrador new to the role of guide dog, Zeke. Having Zeke meant more independence, companionship, and overall safety for Brian.

One of Brian’s employment goals was to secure a position in administration.

There were times where it was difficult for potential employers to understand how Brian could complete tasks on a computer. Brian is more than capable, skilled, and qualified, and APM were willing to ensure he had any technology and equipment required for any role.

When any administration role came up, Brian’s name was always the first on the list and the entire team were always on the lookout for an opportunity.

In May 2022, APM contacted My Hero Disability Services – a small NDIS provider who were new to the region and industry. My Hero were eager to meet with Brian and the team were able to organise an interview.

My Hero Disability Services hired Brian on the spot.

He conveyed his comprehensive understanding of the NDIS system to the employer, as he uses these services himself, and explained his knowledge, background, and skills.

After just one interaction, My Hero knew how much of an asset Brian could be for their business and welcomed him with open arms. He would have his own office space with enough room for Zeke as well.

Employment Consultant Kathryn made it her mission to ensure Brian was equipped for his new job.

She was able to purchase a laptop and a monitor, a docking station for his computer so he could use a vision impaired keyboard.

Kathryn also arranged for speech-to-text programs so Brian could successfully perform tasks, and a bed and bowls for Zeke.

APM also arranged an IT consultant out to the office to help set up Brian’s equipment.

Since he commenced in May, Brian has gone from strength to strength.

He started working his eight benchmark hours a week and has steadily increased to twelve, with an increase his hours to sixteen a week in the very near future.

Brian absolutely loves his job and Zeke has become the office mascot – a hard-working, dynamic duo.

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