Bushy and Buddy on the road to job success

Disability employment services job seeker Scott Forman and Buddy

TOW truck customers in Townsville should be on the look out for a friendly pair next time they need assistance.

Scott Forman, known as Bushy, and his service dog Buddy have become a popular duo on the roads across the region, following the start of his new business.

Scott came to APM Employment Services after struggling to find work following a car accident that left him with an injured back and neck.

Joining the Disability Employment Services program, Scott was able to connect with local employers and find a job where Buddy could also join him.

After being given an opportunity by a local towing firm, APM was able to help facilitate Scott’s move to starting his own business.

Speaking to the Townsville Bulletin, Scott said he hopes to grow his business so he can also help others struggling to find employment gain a good job.

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From the Townsville Bulletin.

Bushy and Buddy become the perfect towie team in Townsville

A Townsville towie who found his passion for helping others has started his own business alongside his best Buddy.

Scott ‘Bushy’ Forman had been struggling to find work after a car accident in 2015 left him with an injured back and neck, but was given an opportunity by a local towing company, before branching out on his own this year.

And while it was a chance to get his foot in the door, he wanted to become his own boss so he could keep his service dog Buddy by his side.

“I get very stressed very easily over small things, he just keeps me calm, keeps me relaxed and if I’m stressed he knows it and he’ll come up and give me cuddles,” he said.

“They (clients) love it, he pokes his head out the window … sometimes we can let him out but mostly he just hangs in the truck.

“I know what it’s like to be stuck on the side of the road with a broken car and it’s pretty expensive to tow so I’ll try to make it a little bit cheaper.”

Mr Forman was initially helped on his journey by disability employment service APM, who helped secure employment before facilitating the transition to self employment.

The goal for Scott is to reach a point where he can run his business independently.

He said he hopes to grow to a point where he can offer employment to someone else.

“I’d like to have an employee to give me a hand but it’s not viable at the moment,” he said.

“There was a young fellow who was finding it hard to get work so I gave him a little bit to help him along and now he’s got a full time job.

“He had a lot of dramas and health issues as well like myself, so I gave him a chance and gave him the confidence to go out and get a job.”