Caring Clotilde dedicated to helping others

Clotilde is pictured in her work uniform

Clotilde brings more than enthusiasm to her work as a disability support worker.

With her genuine empathy, she balances her work with caring for herself while she lives with chronic pain herself. This has ensured she maintains her work/life balance – caring for herself and giving care to others.

Over her career journey, Clotilde has worked tirelessly hard over several years – through businesses closing or care services no longer being required.

Based in Ipswich, Queensland – about half an hour west of Brisbane – she has thrived in her current role with iCare Support Services.

“I am very thankful to everyone at APM who has helped me” Clotilde said, “I could not do this without their support, giving me confidence and always being there to support me”.

After nearly a year in her role, Clotilde's employment success continues with support from her Employment Consultants Kim and Koralie. They continue to work with Clotilde to overcome the challenges she experiences.

Supported by Kim and Koralie, she allowed herself time for self-care time to listen to her body, go to a Doctor if necessary or just relax and wind down, Clotilde found she was able to retain better focus in her role.

“I feel proud of Clotilde's commitment to her job role and her role as the support person for the people she works with” her Employment Consultant Kim said.

As she has learned and grown in her role, Clotilde has become a much-loved staff member at her workplace and among her clients.

Over time she has gradually taken on more clients, ensuring she provides them with an exceptional experience every time.

“Clotilde is a valued member of our team” her employer Tabitha said, “we are extremely happy to be able to provide her the stability she needed in the workplace.”

Over the last year, Clotilde has formed a strong personal and professional network. APM has provided ongoing and respectful relationship between Clotilde and iCare Support Services, enabling clear communication and support for her health and professional development.

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