Chris enjoys the sweet taste of success

Sometimes it takes some extra help to achieve our goals.

34-year-old Chris arrived at APM, open to trying out any opportunity.

Chris, who lives with a learning disability, wanted to find part-time employment to help him become more self-sufficient and independent.

He needed help to find ongoing work to help boost his savings, with buying a car first on his list of goals.

“I wanted to save money for a car, for a home of my own one day and perhaps a holiday” Chris said.

“But I also wanted to have some independence and freedom of my own, to get out more, and to build more on my life.”

Chris was eligible for support through the Disability Employment Services program, delivered by APM Employment Services.

Understanding his desire to secure employment, APM began by exploring Chris’ transferable employment skills to enhance his resume.

As an avid member of his local football club, Chris had spent the last eight years umpiring all the home games, as well as volunteering and organising functions.

With a wide range of responsibilities at the football club, APM was able to expand on these in his resume and highlight his communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Feeling confident with his new resume, Chris attended the APM Melton (VIC) office to search for jobs and develop his own cover letters.

When he felt prepared, Chris preferred to apply for roles in person and began his job search by looking for employment in pick packing, warehousing, and processing work.

The APM team focussed their efforts on increasing Chris’ confidence in job interviews.

“I was nervous about how people would think of me, interviews were a little bit intimidating, if I would be good enough for the work I was going for and whether or not someone would hire me,” Chris said.

They helped him by conducting mock interviews, going through interview questions, expectations, and addressing his nerves about interviews.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t successful to start with, but the APM team continued to support him, and they explored options for Chris to explore his interest in hospitality.

APM sourced funding to cover the cost of Chris’ Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) qualification, printing out the relevant materials so Chris could study between appointments.

The opportunity reignited a spark in Chris and once he had completed the course, he eagerly looked for more hospitality-based opportunities.

APM reached out to a local café in Seddon, Tee & Coffee, who had recently opened their doors for the first time and needed support with finding reliable and committed staff.

With Chris having been recently enrolled in a two-day barista training course at the APM Melton office, the team discussed Chris’s eagerness to secure employment and readiness to work with employer Tiarne.

Eager to give Chris a chance and train him along the way, Tiarne invited Chris in for an interview and he was successfully offered a job, which he accepted.

APM supported Chris to complete his bank and superannuation information, so he was ready to quickly commence in his new role.

Chris was over the moon when he found out he’d been hired.

“I have dealt with a lot of setbacks in the past, to a point where I just about gave up on myself, so to know that there was someone willing to say yes and hire me and give me a chance, I was at a loss for words” he said.

“It’s been incredible really. I’m learning new skills that I never thought I would learn and I have a wonderful boss that’s full of positivity and the team are really great to work with, there are great vibes where I am.”

APM continue to check in with Chris for weekly post-placement support appointments, helping him maintain his confidence, attitude and work ethic.

They agree Chris is a ray of sunshine.

Chris consistently expresses his drive to learn more, remember more, and keep pushing himself to try and undertake different things.

He thoroughly enjoys his job and is excited for the newfound freedom that employment will help bring.

“I’ve had some people say to me that I wouldn’t amount to much, and I wanted them to know that they are wrong, and that I did it. I got work, I am happy, I am loving where I work and I am proud of how far I’ve come. I can not wait to see how far my skills and my time at Tee and Coffee take me.”

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