Don’t give up on your job search

That’s the message from APM employment consultants in Bundaberg who helped job seeker Jason find work so he can enjoy more money and independence.

Jason, 24, has a vision impairment and had been struggling for a while to find an employer despite his eagerness to work.

He joined APM's Disability Employment Services with the challenge of not having recent job experience and a lack of transport, but he wasn’t going to let that stop him searching for his next opportunity.

With help from his employment consultant Luke, Jason was able to build up his confidence and job application skills. Even handing out his resume and contacting potential employers to introduce himself as a job seeker.

After an introduction from APM teammate Jill, Luke introduced Jason to Greg and Eley at Econo Lodge Park Motel. Jason made such a good impression he was invited to join the team as a cleaner.

Now a fully fledged member of the motel’s team, Jason said he has a sense of pride and fulfilment he had not experienced before.

And with the additional income from his employment he can work on his next goals of a computer upgrade, new clothes and build up his savings.

Employment consultant Luke praised Jason’s attitude to finding a job and working with APM.

He said compassion, persistence and never giving up is the key to success.

Jason’s story has been featured in the recent issue of the Youth Chronicles in Bundaberg.