Employment helps Michelle make a comeback

  • After her stroke in 2008, Michelle had to learn to walk, talk and eat again
  • APM Hervey Bay helped Michelle return to work with support from Disability Employment Services program

Michelle’s determination makes her a valuable employee.

Michelle is a vibrant, strong, and determined woman. When Employment Consultant Davina first met Michelle, she would have never known Michelle had suffered a stroke that resulted in a severe brain injury.

This heavily impacted her ability to process language and movement in her right arm is limited.

When Michelle came to the Hervey Bay office with her mother, they discussed her journey.

Since 2008, Michelle had taught herself to walk, talk and eat independently again.

During her recovery, Michelle had difficulties with verbal communication, and when people found it hard to understand her this impacted her confidence. She remained committed to her recovery and continued to make progress.

Michelle’s mother explained that her daughter was so “fiercely independent and determined” throughout her recovery that there was no doubt she was going to fight for her life back.

Davina was so inspired by Michelle’s story during their first appointment. She immediately called Bay Central Tavern who she had previously worked with. Davina was able to arrange a job interview for Michelle the following day.

After this phone call, Paul from the Bay Central Tavern could not wait to meet Michelle.

Michelle was taken aback by the immediate support that was given by APM. Both Michelle and her mother departed APM with tears of joy, ready to spend the evening preparing for the interview.

The next day, Michelle met with Paul for her interview. She was determined to prove she deserved a chance, and she got just that – she was hired on the spot.

To get her ready to start in her new, Davina helped Michelle refresh her Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Gaming certificates. She also assisted Michelle to purchase new black pants, shirts, and comfortable non-slip shoes for her role.

Michelle has made great leaps forward since starting work, with her employer and colleagues showing their encouragement.

Senior Assistant Venue Manager Gavin said “Michelle was so very quiet when she started, very unsure and full of anxiety. It did not take long for her to open up, start joking with the staff and was not afraid to give anything a go.”

“She is very willing to speak with customers and give it her all! She is a great employee, everyone on the team loves her, she is very well liked throughout the establishment” he added.

When Michelle and her mum came in to mark her 26-week (6 month) employment milestone, they reflected on how much employment has changed Michelle’s life.

After lengthy rehabilitation and recovery, Michelle has truly made a successful return to work and a fantastic fresh start.

Michelle’s mum shared her joy: “she is making friends, she goes to yoga, pottery class, she is just so happy and loves her job! Her speech and arm movement have improved so much! Having this job really helped her progression. She is more outgoing and really in her element.”

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