Gordon’s enthusiasm at work inspires others

Gordon pictured at work

  • Gordon lived with an injury, unsure of what type of work he could undertake.
  • He has reached his 8-week employment milestone and is receiving positive feedback about his reliability and work ethic.

For six years after his workplace injury, Gordon struggled to find employment which suited his capacity.

He approached the team in his hometown of Gawler, South Australia.

To assist him to manage his health on his employment journey, Gordon applied for several medical exemptions early in his journey with APM.

Gordon was eligible for support through the Disability Employment Services program, part of APM Employment Services.

He was unsure what type of work he could undertake and was open to different options.

The team at APM’s Gawler office came together to identify a few different industries he could enter.

With this help, Gordon decided to explore a role in the security industry.

He was enrolled in a Certificate II in Security Operations with National Security Training Academy (NSTA) which he successfully completed in December 2022.

In January, Gordon had been in the Disability Employment Services program for the maximum amount of time, resulting in his automatic exit from the program.

He then decided to direct register with APM to continue his journey to employment.

APM employment consultant Kiriay marketed Gordon to potential employers and was successful in securing an interview.

He was successfully employed as a Security Officer with Corporal Security.

After just eight weeks, Gordon is often called in for extra shifts.

He has been receiving positive feedback from his direct supervisor about his reliability and work ethic.

Gordon explained that work has enabled him to have a sense of purpose which has boosted his confidence.

He has worked at the Adelaide Fringe, providing security services with a focus on customer service.

Gordon recently shared his enthusiasm for his new role with another job seeker whilst in the APM Gawler office.

This job seeker has now enrolled in training with NSTA to start their journey to becoming a security officer.

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